When should you see a Fertility Specialist

One in six couples in Australia find it difficult to get pregnant. If you are facing the same, don’t worry as you are not alone. Fertility specialists are experts who can help you improve your chances of conceiving through various techniques, not only IVF treatments as some tend to believe.

You need to see a fertility specialist:

  • If you are under 35 years of age and have not been able to conceive for twelve months or more.
  • If you are 35 years or above and have not been able to conceive for six months.

You need to refer to a fertility specialist without delay if you wish to conceive and:

  • Are 38 years or older
  • Have blocked fallopian tubes
  • Have a history of endometriosis
  • Have polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Have abnormalities in the uterine structure such as fibroids, uterine septum, and adhesions
  • Your partner has a history of testicular cancer, twisted testicles, or treatment with chemotherapy

Your fertility specialist will review your history and perform certain tests. You will be provided valuable information about your health, fertility and timelines to identify the right time to conceive. If necessary, appropriate treatments such as IVF and reproductive surgery may be discussed. You will also receive information related to fertility preservation such as sperm or egg freezing.