Car Safety for You and Your Baby

Car crashes can be a cause of death and serious trauma during pregnancy. During the third trimester, moving around or sitting for long periods of time becomes difficult. If you do need to travel, be sure to follow a few car safety tips:

  • Limit travelling to a maximum of 6 hours in a day and stop every hour or two and walk around to stretch your legs to keep the blood circulating.
  • You can place a pillow or cushion on your seat to make travel more comfortable.
  • Always remember to fasten your seat belts so that the lap belt portion rests under your abdomen and the shoulder harness is positioned between your breasts.
  • Keep the air bags turned on.
  • Wear comfortable clothes; preferably, loose cotton wear.
  • Keep a charged mobile phone handy for any emergencies.
  • If you are driving, maintain a minimum distance of 10 inches between the steering wheel and the breast bone.